Persuasion Techniques

Many people think that persuasion  techniques are the same as manipulating someone to get what they want. Manipulation however is very different from persuasion. Persuasion techniques are to get someone thinking the way you do without any form of force or pressure. Manipulation is tricking someone to do what you want often in a self-serving manner. The facts are that not everyone is the same, both in emotions and state of mind. Our thought patterns differ, and affect how we deal with situations and with people around us. In most cases, persuasion techniques are used to let other people conform to your way of thinking, and getting them to do what you want them to do without violating their free will.

Positive Approach

When using persuasion techniques you should always be positive in your approach, especially if you are a sales.  Your main task is that you come across professional when dealing with someone that you barely know. Exude a friendly aura, and try to  moderate the speed of your speech to match with theirs. Always introduce yourself first and make a point of asking them how they like to be addressed.

Show The Benefits

If you are in sales one of the biggest persuasion techniques taught is to point out the benefits of a product . This could be done by telling them how much it would make their life easier if they owned or used the product. Avoid pushing a sale as an act of persuasion. In truth, this borders more on desperation rather than the latter. Carefully guide your target to your mindset slowly, and inject a subliminal message that it is a good idea to buy the product from you. Persuasion techniques are not only applied to words alone. It can also be applied using emotions, eye contacts, gestures, and other forms of nonverbal communication. It might take some time to get the right combo for a successful persuasion. But with a little practice and effort, you can practically match your mind with your target and convince them to do what you want.