Master Persuasive Speech

Persuasive speech is an art and a science because it requires a creative approach to the application of words and thoughts.

The reason it is a science is because there are hard facts and formulas behind persuasion, and to master persuasive speech you must also be aware of the science part of the equation in order for you to be really successful in persuading other people.

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The main two components of persuasion should always come together so that you will always be in a position to persuade people no matter what the situation. It does not  matter if you are trying to persuade someone to go to the doctors or  trying to persuade your boss that you are indeed correct about your decision to do something, you should always be on top of the situation.

Changing Peoples View

Persuasion is not about adding facts or information to win an argument. You are  more concerned with changing points of view and valuations of subjects and objects.

You should not be concerned with replacing what people know with what you know. if you have not persuaded a person at all,you  will be have a hard time trying to convince them to believe in your own facts. So in the big  scale of things, persuasion must always come first, before you present a different set of facts.

Now lets look at how you will go about changing a persons valuation of things.? For example say that a Person is earning around £28,000 a year and is quite  happy with this income figure because he gets to spend more time with his family

Now you his friend have set up a new business and you really need this person to invest a lot more time away from his family because you need his skills . How would you go about changing his viewpoint.

Number one on the list is money try to find out if they need anything like a car, holiday, repairs to the house.You could say that it must be great having time with the family but think how much the happier they would be if had a much more disposable salary. This is just one approach to the problem. How will you handle the situation so that the other person’s point of view will be changed?

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